Conference Venue

The 21st AMUN will happen at Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, at the Esplanada dos Ministérios in Brasília. It is going to be the first edition of AMUN to be entirely held at the building the compose the Ministry. The Itamaraty Palace includes all the necessary infrastructure for the development of the academic activities of AMUN, allowing its discussions to be closer to the country’s greatest international debates.


The 21st AMUN does not hold responsibility for its participants' accommodation in Brasília and does not oversee any hostel or hotel booking or commitments between those services and its participants. AMUN offers to all its delegates the possibility to stay at the conference Official Accommodation, that shall be released soon. Official free buses are responsible for the transportation of the delegates from the Official Accommodation to the Venue during the event days. If any delegate chooses not to stay at the Official Accommodation, it is under its own responsibility to find a location to be set on and to bear its costs.

Furthermore, the 21st AMUN offers the opportunity of using Couchsurfing volunteered by this edition staff for delegates from other cities. This service regards the possibility of being hosted at one staff member house and, therefore, if limited by the vacancy number granted by the staff and it is not guaranteed to all AMUN’s participants. This service can be requested by any AMUN delegate but shall be prioritized those applying for AMUN Equality program. The form to be fulfilled shall be released soon and the vacancies are to be distributed by order of registration.

Social Events

Opening Ceremony  

We will have the honor to host great people of interest speaking to the delegates, telling them what to expect from that edition of AMUN and how can a MUN experience affect our life. We will have some speakers talking about various subjects that in every way will contribute to the experience of the delegate. Plus: after the ceremony, we all go to a bar and star to get to know each other better!


Nós teremos a honra em receber grandes figuras falando às delegadas e aos delegados, contando o que esperar desta edição do AMUN e como uma experiência em MUN pode afetar nossas vidas. Nós teremos alguns palestrantes dissertando sobre vários assuntos que em todos os sentidos contribuem à experiência de uma delegada e delegado. E mais: após a cerimônia, nós iremos todos a um bar para começar a nos conhecer melhor!



Beer Garden Party

¡The most latina open bar and open food AMUN’s party is coming! It is going to make you dance and have fun with lots of beer and the best of reggaeton. ¡That’s right! Prepare your hips to shake it off until the end of the night!


¡A festa open bar e open food mais latina do AMUN está chegando! Ela vai fazer você dançar e se divertir com muita cerveja e o melhor do reggaeton. ¡Isso mesmo! Prepare o seus quadris para os balançar até o fim da noite.




Nations Fair

Another night to get to know each other and learn! This night shall be centered on the multiple cultures of the different countries represented at the AMUN. More information coming soon.


Outra noite para aproveitarmos para nos conhecer e aprender! Esta noite deverá ser focada nas múltiplas culturas dos diferentes países representados no AMUN. Mais informações em breve.


Main Party

On this open bar and open food costume party, AMUN wants to bring you into a universe where you can be anything you want. By the way, on the Upside Down or real world, we all have some stranger things! So open your imagination and come to this adrenaline world to have fun with Demogorgon, your favorites characters from series or movie and express the something strange that exist inside you.


Nessa festa à fantasia open bar e open food o AMUN quer te levar a um universo onde você pode ser o que quiser, sem se preocupar com padrões, afinal, seja no mundo invertido ou no mundo real, todos temos “stranger things”! Então solte sua imaginação e venha para esse mundo de adrenalina curtir junto a demogorgons, personagens da sua série ou filme favoritos e expresse aquilo de estranho que existe dentro de você. 


Closing Ceremony

It's time to say goodbye! This ceremony works as a thank you to all who helped the 21st AMUN be a reality and a disclosure of other MUNs that will happen throughout the year. But don't worry, after that, everybody goes to a chosen bar to have a lot of beer and celebrate everything that has happened!


Chega a hora de dizer adeus! Esta cerimônia funciona como um agradecimento a todas as pessoas que ajudaram o 21º AMUN a ser uma realidade e como uma divulgação para outros MUNs que acontecerão ao longo do ano. Mas não se preocupe, após a cerimônia, todas irão a um bar selecionado para beber muita cerveja e celebrar tudo o que se passou!

Conference Schedule