Bring Walls Down, Build Up Connections

This motto is a projection of the 21st Americas Model United Nations (AMUN) willingness to guide this Model’s work. “Bring Down Walls, Build Up Connections” means obstacles are meant to be overcome by diplomatic and multilateral means. It intends to seek the continuous decrease of walls that distance individuals, the Brazilian MUNs, the administrative scope from the academic sphere, the delegates from the staff, and ideas from people.

To “Build Up Connections” represents how all people should treat issues and those involved with them, understanding their role and responsibility towards a better world. As bad as problems may be, the first step must be to connect with others' thoughts, to negotiate, to try to listen and to consider what they believe in. Dialogue is an act which touches and changes those reached by it. The international relations arena, as it shall be modeled by the delegates, is an expansion of two humans Connecting through Dialogue, and it brings lots of nationalities and identities to the composition. When the responsibility of building Dialogue is put aside or ignored, decision-makers determine the rise of walls. Those are the walls that protect people from people, walls that segregate people.

We live in a dichotomic world where globalization faces nationalism and, at the same time, communication, transportation, and language help to overcome geographic walls. Still, we witness recent waves of xenophobia building new walls and creating additional challenges.

This project believes that if the Great Wall of China, the greatest wall ever built, was brought down and turned in a simple touristic point, then all others should have the same destiny.


Reciprocal MUN

As a large and complex project, the work of every single person in AMUN should always be valued. It is impossible for the Secretariat to make everything happen without the efforts of the whole staff. That is why our first value is to continuously demonstrate our thankfulness to the work of each member, which means that one has to contribute and respect each others role.

Horizontal MUN

Dialoguing with the first value, Horizontal MUN is about how all relationships must be in every phase of the project. Horizontality means there should be no walls between the academic and administrative staffs; that all members must be close to one another; and that the hierarchy should be minimized.

Open MUN

AMUN must be Open on three different levels. First: Open as receptive to all feedbacks, opinions and ideas, thus making sure the staff feels comfortable with every element of the project; Second: Open as accessible to all majors, seeking to attract all types of students to compose the committees and cells, thus breaking the walls between the United Nations system and the youth; and Third: Open as accessible to the general public, so to reach all social classes and different backgrounds.

Why is the 21st AMUN pink?

We chose this color because it represents caring, energy, creativity, and passion, as we wish everyone involved in this event feels. It also challenges the stigmatization that “pink committees” are not as appealing just because they are not focused on security and have humanitarian debates that are seen as “not truly discussions”.

This idiotic comparison that makes great committees to be seen as weak and unattractive can be easily associated with sexism since the color pink is rooted in an association with women. Hence, this choice also highly stresses the importance of empowering women, especially by protesting against all cases of sexism that commonly happen in Model UNs.

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