What is a mun?

Model United Nations (abbreviated MUN) is an extracurricular activity in which students portray representatives of states or other notorious people in a variety of simulated committees. Although getting its name from simulations of the United Nations, especially of the General Assembly and the Security Council, the term may also refer to a variety of international and national organisms in various institutions, including Law Courts and Economic Forums. MUNs have a great emphasis on developing language and speech skills, producing documents, promoting connections and social conscience. Model UNs were brought to Brazil by students and professors of the University of Brasília in 1997, first with the creation of the Clube de Simulações de Organismos Internacionais (CSOI) and then officially with AMUN's first edition in 1998, as the first Model UN in Latin America. This extracurricular activity spread quickly to every corner of Brazil and diversified into unique MUNs, which expanded to include students from University to high school and also middle school.

What is Amun?

The Americas Model of United Nations (AMUN) promotes the United Nations (UN) values among those who represent the future, today’s young minds. As one of the most traditional projects of the University of Brasília (UnB), AMUN proposes to connect with outstanding university students from Brazil and abroad, seeking to provide an enhanced participation in a Model UN. More than portraying an internationalist, being by means of a diplomat, head of Government, journalist or judge, the delegates will have the opportunity to immerse in a complex world of verisimilar negotiations and enriching experiences of debate.

The remarkable experience of a Model UN resides on meeting new people, listening to different world standpoints, representing a State’s ideal - that sometimes are not in accordance with your own - and, therefore, understanding more of the world community, thus bringing down its own negative ethical and knowledge barriers. This is the experience that AMUN has brought for the past 20 years and is responsible for perpetuating. As one of the most respected and biggest Models UN in Brazil, AMUN is compromised on stimulating topics that are often left out of debates, on reverberating the voices of the forgotten populations and on seeking for new ideas, new changes, and approaches.

AMUN Equity

AMUN Equity is an initiative that exempts low-income students from the registration fees, so to reduce the costs for them to attend the conference. Given the benefits of participating in AMUN, including opportunities like networking with socially aware students, improving speech and argumentation abilities and studying of specific topics, it is important to provide this opportunity to as many students as possible.

In 2018, AMUN will provide 8 registrations with fees exemptions in this program. Eligible delegates will benefit not only from fee exemption but also will have priority in the Couchsurfing Program of AMUN, as well as additional study support from AMUN’s staff.

Eligible delegates include Brazilian students that can prove their low-income status via documents of participation in a Student Assistance Program of a Brazilian University and students that a part of the PROUni Program in a Brazilian Private college. If you want to apply for the exemption, you can find our guidelines on the form. Click Here


AMUN Equidade é uma iniciativa que exime estudantes de baixa renda das taxas de inscrição, para que estas e estes sejam beneficiados com gastos menores com a conferência. Dado os benefícios de participar do AMUN, nos quais se incluem oportunidades de estabelecer uma rede contatos, melhorar habilidades de discurso e argumentação e de estudo de tópicos específicos, é importante a manutenção e exaltação deste programa para o máximo de estudantes possível.

Em 2018, o AMUN proverá 8 inscrições com isenção da taxa através deste programa. Delegadas e delegados elegíveis se beneficiarão não apenas da isenção de pagamento, como também terão prioridade no Programa de Hospedagem Solidária, assim como futuro auxílio de estudo pela equipe do AMUN.

Delegadas e delegados elegíveis incluem estudantes brasileiros que comprovarem o status de baixa-renda através de documentos de participação no Programa de Assistência Estudantil de universidades brasileiras ou no PROUni de faculdades particulares brasileiras. Caso você deseje se inscrever para isenção, você pode encontrar as diretrizes no edital. Clique Aqui

Amun Kids

          AMUN Kids is an extension program linked to AMUN. The Project consists of volunteering in public school from the administrative regions of DF. The children that we assist and teach about respect, environment, human rights, empathy, friendship, the breaking down of barriers and prejudices, among other subjects, are between 6 and 12 years old, primary and middle school. The volunteers are students enrolled at the University of Brasilia.


O AMUN Kids é um programa de extensão vinculado ao AMUN. O Projeto é constituído pelo voluntariado em escolas públicas de Regiões Administrativas do Distrito Federal. As crianças que nós auxiliamos e ensinamos sobre respeito, meio ambiente, direitos humanos, empatia, amizade, derrubada de barreiras e preconceitos, entre outros tópicos, têm entre 6 e 12 anos, estando na escola primária ou ensino fundamental. As e os voluntárias e voluntários são estudantes da Universidade de Brasília.