Everyday there is a different event happening during our conference. 

DAY 1- Opening Caremony

We have people of interest speaking to the delegates, telling them what to expect from that edition of AMUN. We have some speakers talking about various subjects that in every way will contribute to the experience of the delegate. Plus: after the ceremony, we all go to a bar and star to get to know each other better!

DAY 2- Beer Garden

The first open bar and open food party of the event! We expect a lot of fun, integration and music going on this year! The theme is ROCK BRASILIA because we want to explore one of the best things our capital has to offer you: our music. Prepare yourself for some beer and a lot of good vibes.

DAY 3- Nations' Fair

Another night to get to know each other and learn! The United Kingdom Embassy has opened their doors to welcome us for this night. Every group will represent a different country and will bring elements that rescue the culture of that people. 

DAY 4- Main Party

The party that everyone is waiting for. Get ready to have the night of the year! You will have an open bar and food party that is themed Mystical Journey: a trip to the unknown. If you believe in faries, gnomes, elfs, you should come to this party. And if you don't, we bet you will after you have this trip to the unknown.

Check out the event:

DAY 5 - Closing Ceremony

It's time to say goodbye! This ceremony works as a thanksgiving and a disclosure of other MUNs that will happen thoughout the year. But don't worry, after that, everybody goes to a chosen bar to have a lot of beer and celebrate everything that has happened!