1- Head delegates must agree to the following statement: “As the Head of the Delegation registering in the 20th AMUN, I declare that I am aware of this terms and conditions of the my participation and the participation of all member of this delegation” and “As Head Delegate, I declare that no delegate in my delegation has violated these terms and conditions in previous editions of AMUN”;

2- All delegates in the conference shall fully respect their peers and members of the staff. Attitudes that transmit prejudicial views, including those spoken inside the committees, will not be tolerated by the 20th AMUN organization;

3- Cases of racism, in any way, shape or form, directed at a member of the staff of 20th AMUN or other delegates are punishable by Brazilian Law (Lei nº7716 de 1989) and, therefore, the 20th AMUN shall take the necessary legal procedures to prevent and denounce them. Delegates are liable for expulsion from the conference in those cases;

4- Cases of sexism, lgbtphobia and any other kind of gender and sexual identity prejudice also make delegates liable for expulsion from the 20th AMUN;

5- Discriminatory attitudes derived from social conditions are, as well, strictly forbidden, again making delegates that act in such manner liable for expulsion;

6- Delegates that are target of complaints in regards to the attitudes described in topics 2 through 5 may be approached by the 20th AMUN organization to take a solution and dissuade them from continuing with them;

7- However, cases of sexual assault will result in the immediate expulsion of the assaulting delegate.

8- The 20th AMUN also reserve the right to not accept registration from delegates that have violated these terms and conditions in previous editions of AMUN;

Further, the 20th AMUN declares that the MUN Equal value of this edition should encourage delegates to denounce postures that undermine their equal right to participate in their conference.