AMUN - For All Course


AMUN - FAC is an initiative that exempts low-income students from the registration fees, so they are socially benefited with lower costs from the conference. Given the benefits from participating in AMUN, including opportunities via networking, increasing of speech and argumentation abilities and the study of specific topics, it is important to expand this program to as more students as possible.


In 2017, AMUN will be providing 10 registrations exempt from fees in the program. Furthermore, 10 additional spots may be added with the support of the delegates of the conference. Eligible delegates will benefit not only from the fee exemption, but also will have priority in the Couchsurfing Program of AMUN, as well as will have further study support from AMUN’s staff.


Eligible delegates include Brazilian students that have to proff their low-income status via documents of participation in the Student Assistance Program of a Brazilian University and the PROUni Program in Brazilian Private colleges. If you want to apply for exemption, you can find our guidelines here.