July 26th - 30th


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  • Model United Nations (abbreviated MUNs) are an extracurricular activity in which students portray representatives of states or other notorious people in a variety of simulated committees. Although getting its name from simulations of the United Nations, especially of the General Assembly and the Security Council, the term may also refer to a variety of international and national organisms in various institutions, including Law Courts and Military Cabinets. MUNs have a great emphasis on developing language and speech skills, producing documents and promoting empathy. Model UNs were brought to Brazil by students and professors of the University of Brasília in 1997, first with the creation of the Clube de Simulações de Organismos Internacionais (CSOI) and formally with the first edition of AMUN in 1998. The extracurricular activity spread quickly to the entirety of Brazil and diversified into unique simulations, which expanded to include students from university, high school and middle school level.

  • The Americas Model United Nations is the pioneer Model UN of Brazil, debuting with its first edition in 1998. In 2017, AMUN is reaching its 20th edition, maintaining its commitment with high standards of academic research, administrative efficiency, quality of service both outside and inside the committees and focus on the delegates' realistic and fun experience of the United Nations. AMUN is also proud of promoting the values of the United Nations throughout its 20 years of existence, as it strives to keep innovating and reaching more people.








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